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Brow Lift

A sagging brow can make you look tired, stern, or older than you feel. The board-certified plastic surgeons at United Plastic Surgery can elevate your image with brow lift surgery, also called a forehead lift, in Newport Beach and Temecula. At their boutique-style practice, Dr. John Larson and Dr. Phuong Pham help people enhance their appearance and confidence with this procedure.

What is a brow lift?

Brow lift surgery is a facial plastic surgery procedure performed to make improvements to the upper face, including:

  • Restoring a relaxed, more youthful expression
  • Smoothing away lines across the forehead and between the eyebrows
  • Reducing heaviness of the upper eyelids
  • Improving symmetry between the height and arches of the eyebrows

Can a brow lift be combined with other procedures?

Our plastic surgeons rarely perform brow lift surgery as an individual procedure. They often combine it with one or more of the following facial plastic surgery procedures to address each patient’s cosmetic goals and needs:

During your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Larson or Dr. Pham, you will have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss your concerns. They want you to feel excited about the positive changes that facial plastic surgery can make.

Meet Our Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Larson and Dr. Pham are experienced, highly trained board-certified plastic surgeons united in their dedication to superior patient care and surgical outcomes. They are committed to each patient from the initial consult to surgery to a personal phone call after surgery and beyond.

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John V. Larson, M.D. John V. Larson, M.D.

John V. Larson, M.D.


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Phuong M. Pham, M.D. Phuong M. Pham, M.D.

Phuong M. Pham, M.D.


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How is brow lift surgery performed?

Our surgeons typically perform brow lift surgery as an outpatient procedure in our private surgery center using a general anesthetic. They use advanced minimally invasive techniques involving tiny incisions along the hairline. The surgeon tightens the muscles and skin and may place absorbable anchors under the skin and behind the hairline to secure the eyebrows in the desired position while they are healing. 

How long does it take the eyebrows to settle after a brow lift?

Swelling after surgery can make patients look surprised initially. It takes a few weeks for the swelling to fade and the eyebrows to settle into their final position.

What happens during recovery?

Expect your forehead area to be sore and swollen initially. Many patients experience numbness of the scalp around the incision sites.

Recovery Timeline

While experiences vary, patients typically recover along the following timeline:

  • Sutures removed: 1 week
  • Bruising fades: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Swelling dissipates: 3 to 4 months
  • Return to work and nonstrenuous activities: 10 to 14 days
  • Resume strenuous activities: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Numbness resolves: 6 to 12 months
  • Final results: 4 to 6 months

What is my next step?

Request a complimentary consultation using our online form or call to meet with Dr. John Larson in Newport Beach or call to meet with Dr. Phuong Pham in Temecula.